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Big Patch Primitive Methodist Church is located a little over five miles south of Platteville on County Road D, in the tiny community of Big Patch. The name comes from the discovery of a large deposit (patch) of lead ore in the area decades ago. The mining industry has ceased, but this Primitive Methodist Church, which has ministered to this community since before the Civil War, is still conducting services every Sunday. The word ‘primitive’ was taken from a statement made by Methodism’s founder, John Wesley, when he was encouraging his followers in England to remain faithful to his original teachings when he said, “… that’s the way the primitive Methodists worshiped.”

In more recent years, by an arrangement known as a ‘circuit’, the pastor of Westview Methodist Church, Rev. Paul Glendenning, also serves the faithful in this country setting. One of the special traditions of this congregation is a Christmas Eve celebration that always packs the building with relatives and friends whose spiritual heritage has been influenced by the outreach of this evangelical church.

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